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This is our Signature Cold Brew Coffee. Freshly made at Canada’s First Coffee Brewery, our meticulous method takes 18 hours to brew without any heat. The result is a smooth, less acidic cold coffee that elevates beverage standards. We’re proud of our all-natural, handcrafted cold brew because we believe you deserve quality coffee without compromise.

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The Nitro Can

Introducing the latest innovation in coffee -Nitro Cold Brew. We take our signature cold brew coffee and pack it in these slick cans with nitrogen. All you need to do it is give it a shake, crack the top and pour hard for a coffee experience like no other - no widget required. 

The best part? There's nothing added, no sugar, no dairy. Just clean, creamy & smooth coffee. Perfect for on-the-go or sitting on a beautiful patio on a sunny summer morning.  

Size: 355mL                                                  Shelf Life: 4.5 months

Ingredients: Water, Coffee, Chicory                 Storage: Refrigerated  

                                                                         Units per case: 12                                          Packaging: Traditional Can                                             


The Stubby

375mL of ready to drink, premium Cold Brew Coffee in our signature stubby bottle. Designed to provide customers with an all-natural grab and go coffee experience. Twist the cap and drink straight from the bottle or pour over ice and make it your own. 

Size: 375mL                                                 Shelf Life: 4.5 months

Ingredients: Water, Coffee, Chicory                Storage: Refrigerated 

Units per case: 12                                        Packaging: Heritage stubby - twist top 


The Concentrate

The concentrated version of our signature Cold Brew Coffee is actually the raw result of the brewing process. It's about 3x as strong and is the most versatile coffee product we've ever seen. Use it as the base for one heck of an iced coffee by mixing 1 part concentrate to 2 parts water, milk or plant based dairy - Serve hot or cold. If you're feeling adventurous add a shot or two to fuel up your smoothies, cocktails or any other recipe. 

Size: 500mL                                                Shelf Life: 4.5 months

Ingredients: Water, Coffee, Chicory               Storage: Refrigerated

Units per case: 6                                         Packaging: Boston round - twist top

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The Nitro Keg

"The only keg that increases productivity". The most unique way to serve Cold Brew is on tap - it's basically the new water cooler. Our signature Cold Brew Coffee induced with nitrogen to create a creamy, cascading effect that's silky smooth.  

Size: 30L Kegs                                             Ingredients: Water, Coffee, Chicory

Shelf Life: 3 months                                     Storage: Refrigerated