We are Canada's first company dedicated exclusively to Cold Brew Coffee.

Since 2013, it's been our goal to deliver a premium, all-natural cold brew coffee that tastes great. At Station, we’re handcrafting a superior product using beer technology and meticulous brewing methods. Sourcing locally roasted direct trade coffee beans, we brew for 18 hours in cold water, using no heat. Without any additives, the end result is a naturally sweet, bright and bold coffee that lacks the bitterness and acidity you'll find in a traditional iced coffee.

Our brand values are rooted in a time when craftsmanship was taken seriously and people really took their time to do things well. Our goal is to deliver the natural fuel that we're all looking for in our fast paced lifestyles. 

New Orleans Style Nitro Cold Brew Cans are here! 

We've taken our Signature Cold Brew Coffee and infused it with Nitrogen to deliver a smooth & creamy stout-like texture. Our cans don’t need a widget like some of those other fancy ones. Instead, we’ve packed this can with nitrogen so all you need to do is give it a shake, crack the top and pour hard for a coffee experience like no other.

The best part? There’s nothing added, no sugar, no dairy. Just clean, creamy & smooth coffee.