New York Coffee

Let's start a Cold Brew Coffee Company

Crazy right? Well, we did… and 3 years in, so far so good.

Some of you might know Steve. This all started back in 2013 while Steve was visiting the Centre for Social Innovation in New York. Being a self-driven guy, he made the trip to be inspired by people who were changing the world. But I don’t think anyone could have guessed it would be a bottle of Grady’s that would change his. 

So instead of bringing home an I❤️️ NY shirt, he brought back his new found love for Cold Brew Coffee and the passion to share it with his community. And if you know Steve, you know he quickly realized an opportunity. In 2013, no one was making cold brew in Toronto, other than independent cafes.

After some googling and youtubin’, he made some of his own cold brew recipes but learned quickly he needed someone with the right expertise. A good leader knows where their skills lie, then surround themselves with people who can compliment them. So his search for a brewmaster began where all great stories do - Craigslist (pre-Bunz age).

Applications poured in from home brewers to baristas, and even a couple scientists. Steve invited a few of the ones that stood out to a group interview at one of Toronto’s Centre for Social Innovation locations. Mostly all the applicants showed up with their cold brew to test, except Mike.

Mike had been in the coffee & restaurant world for a while and was already a lover of cold brew.  What set him apart at first wasn’t his sample brew, it was his passion for quality coffee. After meeting, it became clear that both Steve and Mike shared the same vision, to share premium, crafted cold brew to their communities.

PSA – that day Steve learned a very valuable lesson – overcaffeination is a real thing.

Fueled by the same passion, Steve & Mike started that fateful journey together. Testing different recipes with an array of regions & blends and drinking all the cold brews. Luckily Steve recognized that in the CSI community, they had access to a perfect test market to start with. Not only that, but during the sampling, the very first order was placed by BOOM! Breakfast on College St. 

First customer without a brand, a name or packaging…that’s where it began!