Nitrogen Infused

⚡️This is Ni-Tro Average Cold Brew ⚡️


The day has finally come where you can enjoy our Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, wherever you want to. That’s because we’ve taken this deliciously creamy coffee [once available only from our draft bar] and packed it into these portable, badass cans 🤙 Although we can't tell you how exactly we do it, all you need to worry about is 'Shake Well, Pour Hard & Fuel Up'.

The best part about it? There’s absolutely nothing added. The same great taste you’ve come to know and love from our Signature recipe, with an added texture that is sure to stimulate the senses. No sugar, no dairy. Just a sweet, aromatic and bright coffee that cuts out the acidity and bitterness you can find in your average cup of Joe. We’ve adopted the New Orleans tradition roasted chicory root to add a full-bodied, dark chocolate flavour to the already delicious notes of the coffee.

You’re probably asking yourself “Why Nitrogen?” Well, Nitrogen is a clean, odorless gas that provides value in so many different ways. It helps keep our product clean and free from oxygen when we package it but more importantly adds an element of innovation to your coffee experience.

When we infuse our cold brew with Nitrogen and pack it in kegs or cans, we do it for the texture. When poured, the hundreds of thousands of tiny nitrogen bubbles create a beautiful, cascading effect that adds a naturally smooth & creamy texture without anything added. Just clean coffee - that’s all.  

The idea of shaking the can seems a bit crazy since we’ve always been taught not to shake our cans. Not anymore! The agitation of the liquid actually helps the nitrogen activate to help create the cascading, nitro-bubbles. Pouring hard (like completely upside down style) creates the crema on top of the cold brew to give it that smooth and creamy taste we all love. Don’t worry, if you don't have time to pour it out, give it a shake, crack the top, and enjoy straight from the can. Your choice!

Head to our Find Us page to find the closest retailer to you 📍 We are adding new locations every week including Whole Foods, Sobeys and all Drake Hotel Properties. The cans can also be bought straight from the source at our brewery (300 Campbell Avenue, Junction Triangle).  They come in singles, 4-packs and 12-packs.

Oh, and one last thing… Soon enough you’ll see what we’ve been working on but we will just leave you with one word... Coconut 🌴