what is cold brew coffee?


Cold Brew Coffee is exactly what it sounds like; coffee brewed cold.  Although cold brew is relatively new on the beverage shelf, it's deep roots date back centuries to ancient Japan and 18th century French soldiers.  The two most common methods of cold brewing are the Kyoto style slow drip and the age old steeping method, both of which require a 12-24 hour brewing time. 

We've studied these traditional methods and through our own innovative process, bring you Canada's finest quality Cold Brew Coffee. We create a superior product using beer technology to handcraft speciality coffee. Sourcing locally roasted direct trade coffee beans, we brew for 18 hours in cold water, using no heat. Without any additives, the end result is a naturally sweet, bright and bold coffee that lacks the bitterness and acidity you'll find in a traditional iced coffee.


Our process

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We are committed to sourcing the best quality, responsibly sourced coffee that is sustainably grown. Our signature cold brew is a blend of both Ethiopian and Brazilian regions, locally roasted by Hale Coffee. Our beans are responsibly sourced using direct trade policies to support our commitment to outstanding coffee, growing community and improving the lives of every person involved the process.

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Our beans are infused in cold water for 18 hours and brewed in small batches to guarantee quality and consistency.  Our brew is smooth, less acidic and lacks the bitterness found in traditional coffees brewed in hot water.





Nitrogen is a clean, odorless gas that provides value in so many different ways. It helps keep our product clean and free from oxygen when we package it but more importantly adds an element of innovation to your coffee experience.




Craftsmanship is taken seriously and we take our time to do things well. That is why every drop that leaves our brewery is approved by Brewmaster, Mike Roy.  





Our cold brew comes in 5 forms in order to fit everyone's cold brew needs. We have our classic Stubby (375 mL), Concentrate (500mL), Growler (2L), Keg (30L) and the newest addition to the family, the Nitro Can (355mL). 



Cold Brew Coffee is the all-natural solution to artificial, sugar packed beverages that no longer resonate with educated consumers.

Cold Brew coffee provides an all-natural elevated cold coffee experience. Clean energy with no preservatives or added flavours. Most enjoy it black, but we don't mess with coffee routines. That's a bad idea.